A fully dedicated and experienced staff assists the customer at 360° in the management of prototypes: from the choice of materials and yarns, to the search for knitting spots or possible dye treatments, to modelling and packaging techniques .

We have developed an extremely efficient internal organization allowing us to quickly create the prototypes required by our customers.

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Sampling and research

Thanks to a skilled and fully dedicated team, we offer a full service during the development and implementation of samples to ensure every customer the highest reliability in the preparation of each new collection.

Experience and internal management allow us today to realize any request for samples by our customers efficiently and quickly.

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Manufacturing of the most precious yarns

We weave and then wash each kind of yarn with a particular care for the most precious ones in the world, such as vicuna and cashmere.

Through our own washing solutions, we are able to enhance the beauty and the highest quality of the fibres we work on.

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Manufactured knitwear: matching with precious fabrics and leathers

We create garments in tailored and cut knitwear.

Thanks to the manual working of our tailoring and knitting craftsmen, we have also specialized in knitwear and outerwear where the knit is combined with leathers, furs and fabrics.

It is our ability to give stability and wearability to these special garments which has allowed us to become a reference partner of the haute-couture Maisons.

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Tailor-made Haute-Couture knitwear

The excellence of machinery manufacturing combines harmoniously with the tailored and elegant handmade, to create unique garments: so, we have always created tailored and ready-to-wear haute-couture knitwear for the best Maisons of the worldwide haute-couture.

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High-quality and handmade finishes

The extraordinary handmade finishes realized with needle and thread by our knitting masters represent to us a great pride and an added value that we bring in every tailoring creation, in every luxurious garment we provide our customers with.

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Embroidered knitwear

Also for embroidered knitwear we only use the latest technology machineries to always guarantee the highest quality of the manufacturing for each garment.

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Application of accessories

Precision, care and attention are reserved to the application of accessories both by hand and by machine: we create applications of every kind, including the most sophisticated and precious ones such as drawstring fasteners, pressure buttons and precious stones.

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Sampling and handmade paper models

For the first samples and prototypes requested by our customers we always realize the first handmade paper model with our tailors. This way, we are able to undertake an in-depth study of the wearability and we can prepare the industrialization in the best way through the most advanced cad for model designing.

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Manual cutting and ironing

Most of our productions are hand-cut by each garment at time and ironed: this is the only way to guarantee the best precision, the excellence in the operation and final result. Only this way can we get that clothing wearability so appreciated by our customers.

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Total look production of knitwear

We produce a knitwear total look including knitwear, dresses, skirts, trousers, accessories and outerwear. Different products, but the attention to high quality is always the same for us.

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Innovative technical fabrics and experimental outdoor knitwear

We also create a new and experimental knitwear which requires us to combine the most innovative technical and sport yarns together with the high technology of the latest textile machinery.

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Home furnishing accessories

We are a paramount partner for all the luxurious brands selling home knitwear and furnishing accessories.

We produce large products such as plaids, blankets, pillows of various textures, in pure dyed knit in yarn and dyed garments, with handmade graphical effects and by using the most varied yarns with specialty in cashmere.

We are able to create knitwear inlays, matching with fabric and / or leathers, applications of stones of absolute beauty, prestige and elegance such as swarovski.