Read our Credo

WE believe in people, in their skills, professionalism and individuality characterizing them and making them unique and precious.

WE believe that all of our creations bring with themselves a knowledge of tradition, experience and personality along with the magic coming from the detailed work of us enthusiastic artisans.

WE believe that all our creations transfer this value to those who wear it, generating wellness and emotion.

Our Mission is to Join and Harmonize in each garment the values of Experience and Tradition that, skillfully joined with the Quality and Style of the best Fashion houses, distinguish each of our creations. We do it in the respect of people and the working environment, with increasing attention to the environmental sustainability.

We want to pass through the time, from generation to generation, the art of knitwear so that it can survive and continue to amaze.

We want to spread our products all around the world and with them our values contributing to the image of Italy in the world. A great image..