An exclusive partner for haute-couture

We well know what it means to collaborate with international haute-couture companies: respect of timing, production control, confidentiality, interpretation of creative needs, continuous research, constant technological upgrading and periodic training for employees.

The quality of our work and all the skills we have gained are entirely available to the creativity of fashion designers and the most important fashion brands, in every single creation.

An exclusive relationship that often transforms us from supplier into an exclusive and trusted partner.

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A knitwear factory with complete cycle

We handle all the stages of production internally by performing a complete and structured production process: starting from the receipt of our customers’ stylistic inputs, we pass to the purchase or receipt of the raw materials chosen by our customer in the warehouse department to go ahead then with the study of the prototype and sampling through some careful advice and research on behalf of the customer. Subsequently, weaving is performed in straight knitting machines in the dedicated department; in the packaging department, each garment is packed and washed to be finally passed on to the ironing and shipping department where it is ironed, folded and packed, ready to be collected by the customer or delivered directly.

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But also a partial and flexible service

We can also intervene only for some production phases of our customers’ garments.

Since we handle the whole process internally, we can be flexible and efficient in providing any partial manufacturing for any production phase, such as only weaving or just packaging, or just washing and ironing.

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Customization and advice

Customization, advice and customer service: elements which have always distinguished us and truly make us a partner of excellence in the production of luxurious garments, knitwear, accessories and furnishing accessories.

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Purchase of raw materials and self-certification tests

On behalf of our customers, we purchase, in addition to yarn, other raw materials. It is a service we have done for a long time and on which we have consolidated a significant experience and competence and management skills that we have been sharing with our customers.

We also carry out the tests required to certify the yarns and raw materials we use to create the very same products. These tests are mainly aimed at international export, such as the GB18410 test.

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