For us training is to be immersed in daily gestures which has been refined overtime, has been handed down from generation to generation and which make precious our … ability to create


Ferdinanda Tomasin


For us training is not only a package of externally accessible knowledge, but it is primarily the value of know-how and experience that a Company shares with all its employees. To our new employees we dedicate a placement and a on-the-job training which is tailored on the type of role and on the level of experience of the new collaborators. We developed as well transversal internal training paths which include the understanding of the different competences of the entire production cycle. Indeed, the external training plays a big role as well because it structures the information and include the experiences collected from different sources. Here too, Maglificio Ferdinanda stands out for its collaboration with a range of reputed local enterprises to the creation of some training courses with the aim to prepare the participants to the diverse activities of a knitwear factory.


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