The high artisan expertise meets the most advanced manufacturing technology

Ours is a unique artisanal “know-how” combining the original tradition of "handmade" Italian knitwear with the best technology available on the market today.

A new craftsmanship developed in nearly fifty years of continuous technological and productive innovation, which allows to translate the creative ability of the artisan master in great numbers. That is why we are today recognized as a company of excellence in the manufacture of cashmere and fine yarns garments; an important and reliable partner for the international haute-couture brands.

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Manufacturing technologies for the highest quality

The constant attention to the stylistic demands of the prestigious fashion houses as our customers stimulates us to constantly renew the machinery fleet of the whole company for each production phase: from weaving, to fulling and packaging. The continuous use of new technologies, combined with the "intelligent manual skill" of our tailors and craftsmen, allows us to reach excellence and create the highest quality luxurious products for our customers.


Discover all of our manifacturing technologies

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Experimentations and new challenges

We are constantly studying new technical solutions to meet the demands of fashion designers, creators and international companies. We are thrilled to face the new challenges proposed by the constant evolution of the haute-couture market: fabrics, performances, production technologies. Experimenting, testing and innovating continuously with only one certainty: the highest quality.

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