Weaving division


The weaving phase represents the essential point for the production of knitwear: this is where the finished garment comes to life through the use of straight knitting machines.

Almost 50 SHIMA and STOLL machines of the last generation can operate from Thickness 3 to Thickness 18.

It is an important machinery plant which is constantly being renewed to have the latest technology available and to guarantee the highest performances.

In the case of production surplus, we cooperate with specialized teams that use, in addition to straight machines, also looms and circular machines, as well as with highly qualified embroidery and packaging laboratories sharing our company philosophy.




We have an important and innovative packaging department with constantly renewed machineries, suitable for the production of a knitted garment cut in pure mesh or combined with precious fabrics and leathers.

Specifically, we are equipped with the latest models of machines for:

  • pre-ironing

  • cutting and sewing

  • sewing machines for manufacturing knitwear, fabrics and leathers

  • three and four-needle machines

  • linking for all the finishes suitable for weaving

  • eyeletting machines

  • sticking buttons

  • automatic ironing stations

  • vaporizing and aspirating benches

Washing / fulling


We run the fulling phase in full autonomy. We have our cutting-edge machineries and technologies for every type of washing including thickness 18, using water and hydrocarbon machines.