The beginnings

The story begins in the early 1960s when, at the age of eighteen only, Silvia Fiorin began working with her first collaborators on behalf of some prestigious boutiques in the area: there is not a real company yet but only so much passion, determination and entrepreneurship.


Maglificio Ferdinanda company was born

Silvia began to form an individual artisan business along with her husband Vittorio Tomasin in Visnà di Vazzola (TV) in 1972. This business became Maglificio Ferdinanda snc in 1972. In 1987, the company, now employing about thirty people, became the current Maglificio Ferdinanda srl.

Company expansion and production

The will, tenacity, great manufacturing capacity and the ambition have made the company grow steadily: the increasing amount of work and staff lead Silvia and Vittorio to launch a new industrial factory next to the original in 1989. In the few years after that, the industrial activity is further enriched with the latest technology and brings, into its production-chain, work stages such as water and hydrocarbon washing, which make the knitwear company a full-cycle one among the most appreciated ones in Italy.


A great recognition

In 2006, Silvia Fiorin's great managerial skills, along with her personal experience and skills, gets rewarded with the appointment of Cavaliere al Merito of the Italian Republic.


A new area, a great goal

In 2007, thanks to the loyalty of some of the most prestigious brands in the world, with a view of continuous evolution and development of work, reaching a hundred employees, the Tomasin family decides to expand its business further and build a new business area.

Objective 2018/2019 of the owners Cav. Silvia Fiorin, Tomasin Vittorio and their sons Tomasin Ferdinanda and Andrea is the enlargement aimed at gathering within the same building the entire production cycle, from the arrival of yarns to the dispatch of finished garments.


Looking to the future

Today, the sons Ferdinanda and Andrea collect and continue to spread the values of tradition, “know-how” and their parents’ experience, enhancing the cross-skills and personal skills of their collaborators, in a constant innovation and training path.

The Tomasin family's will continues to be to work to achieve excellence in its service of supplying high-quality knitwear, enhancing the authentic Made in Italy.