As partners of the most prestigious haute-couture companies in the world, we have successfully passed two major audits over the year 2015 on behalf of two French luxury multinationals.

The first environmental ethical audit was managed by the intertek certifying body on behalf of Sedex, the second ethical audit was managed by the certifying body sgs. We are also committed to achieving the socio-environmental audit issued by the prestigious Bureau Veritas body. These results are important acknowledgments and confirmations of our commitment





Our Mission is to Join and Harmonize in each garment the values of Experience and Tradition that, skillfully joined with the Quality and Style of the best Fashion houses, distinguish each of our creations. We do it in the respect of people and the working environment, with increasing attention to the environmental sustainability.


The aim of Maglificio Ferdinanda is the complete satisfaction of the needs and expectations of its customers. The constant attention to the stylistic requests of the prestigious fashion houses customers stimulates to constantly renew the machinery of the whole company which, combined with the “intelligent manual skills” of the tailors, allows to create high-level products. The continuous study of new technical solutions allows Maglificio Ferdinanda to be able to respond to the demands of a constantly evolving sector.



Maglificio Ferdinanda considers it important that its activities are carried out with respect for the environment, reducing as much as possible its impacts and sources of pollution, rationally managing resources and promoting the reduction and proper management of waste. For these reasons, an important investment that Maglificio has made is dedicated to renewable energy, with a view to ethics and sustainable development. To this end, it undertakes to constantly improve its environmental performance and to comply with regulatory obligations regarding the environment.


Maglificio Ferdinanda's code of conduct envisages conducting its activities and managing business processes according to the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency, respecting the environment, human rights, working conditions and the expectations of the interested parties. In compliance with national and international regulations in support of the protection and protection of the psycho-physical development of the child, Maglificio Ferdinanda does not resort to the use of child workers or to support the use of child labor. Maglificio Ferdinanda does not use and does not support forms of forced or compulsory labor. Staff are free to carry out their work within the terms and in the manner agreed according to the CCNL. Maglificio does not support forms of discrimination based on race, religion, gender identity, age, political affiliation, nationality, physical ability, sexual orientation, ethnicity. These guarantees are guaranteed throughout the career path, from staff selection to hiring, access to training, promotions, dismissal or retirement. The company guarantees and imposes behavioral rules that ensure behaviors and languages ​​that respect the individual dignity of each one. Maglificio Ferdinanda prohibits any form of harassment, abuse, corporal punishment, threat of violence or other forms of mental or physical coercion and does not resort to public recall or punishment practices.


In compliance with current legislation, Maglificio Ferdinanda guarantees a safe and healthy working environment. With particular reference to its Risk Assessment document and internal procedures aimed at preventing potential accidents at work, Maglificio has implemented suitable measures to stem the causes of potential risks. The Prevention and Protection Service monitors the application of safety procedures both during work activities and in the event of emergencies, ensuring the application of evacuation procedures. The provision of health and safety training programs is guaranteed for all staff, as required by Legislative Decree 81/2008 and by the State-Regions agreements.

The Management of Maglificio Ferdinanda dedicates its commitment to these objectives and is directly involved in their implementation; undertakes to make operational and support the above policy, to disseminate it and to periodically verify its degree of understanding and implementation through training and information activities. Respect for the environment, social responsibility and initiatives for the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases are priorities for the company and for all operating staff.